Dirty Sexy Money


A lawyer is forced to take care of one of New York City's wealthiest families.
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S2E12 - The Unexpected Ar..

Simon provides Nola with a solution to her problems. Meanwhile, Kare..

S2E11 - The Convertible

Nick declares his true feelings when faced with a life-and-death sit..

S2E10 - The Facts

While the Darlings are away the help will play, a reporter is insist..

S2E9 - The Organ Donor

The Darlings must deal with the aftermath following the inauguration..

S2E8 - The Plan

Filled with love for Carmelita, newly-elected Senator Patrick Darlin..

S2E7 - The Summer House

As Karen excitedly prepares for her wedding day, she is convinced th..

S2E6 - The Injured Party

After Letitia hits a pretty, young bicyclist with her car, Tripp inv..

S2E5 - The Verdict

Nick faces an uphill battle defending Letitia in the murder case unt..

S2E4 - The Silence

As Election Day nears, Patrick insists on taking his relationship wi..

S2E3 - The Star Witness

When Nick agrees to defend Letitia in the murder case of Dutch Georg..

S2E2 - The Family Lawyer

The Darlings deal with funeral arrangements and the aftermath of the..

S2E1 - The Birthday Present

Tripp and Letitia Darling throw Nick a luxurious birthday party on a..

S1E10 - The Nutcracker

Nick learns Simon and Karen are secretly together, but refuses to sa..

S1E9 - The Watch

This flashback episode reveals secrets about Dutch (Nick's father) a..

S1E8 - The Country House

Thanksgiving has arrived and Nick George wants to spend the day with..

S1E7 - The Wedding

Karen is getting married, but her strong desire for Nick might be mo..

S1E6 - The Game

A high stakes poker game pits Simon Elder against Tripp, Karen needs..

S1E5 - The Bridge

Nick finds he has a lot in common with Simon, Tripp's nemesis. In a ..

S1E4 - The Chiavennasca

Tripp sends Nick to a vineyard in Italy to get information about his..

S1E3 - The Italian Banker

Nick tries to fix things when the Darlings are blackmailed over a se..

S1E2 - The Lions

Nick searches for his father's killer. When the family has a photo s..

S1E1 - Pilot

When attorney Nick George's father dies, Nick takes over his law pra..