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Meet the fabulously dysfunctional Gallagher family. Dad's a drunk, Mom split long ago, eldest daughter Fiona tries to hold the family together. Eldest son Philip (Lip) trades his physics tutoring skills for sexual favors from neighborhood girls. Middle son Ian is gay. Youngest daughter Debbie is stealing money from her UNICEF collection. Ten-year-old Carl is a budding sociopath and an arsonist, and toddler Liam is - well, he might actually be black, but nobody has a clue how.
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S8E12 -Sleepwalking

Fiona taps into her roots to get the homeless family out of her apar..

S8E8 - Frank's Northern S..

Frank starts a booming import-export business. Fiona considers movin..

S8E7 - Occupy Fiona

Ian tests Fiona's patience and resolve by bringing a messy “Occupy..

S8E6 - Icarus Fell and Ru..

Fiona is forced to reflect on her own life after a lonely tenant die..

S8E5 -The (Mis)Education ..

As Fiona tries to raise the profile of the neighborhood, Ian helps T..

S8E4 -Fuck Paying It Forw..

A blast from the past shakes up Fiona's view of her life. Frank gets..

S8E3 - God Bless Her Rott..

A violent meth dealer threatens the Gallaghers, forcing Ian, Carl, L..

S8E2 - Where's My Meth?

Frank re-lives his 20s and joins the workforce for the first time! F..

S8E1 - We Become What We ..

The Gallaghers find themselves with money to burn as Carl sells thei..

S7E12 - Requiem for a Slut

The Gallaghers grapple with the loss of one of their own. As Lip tak..

S7E10 - Ride or Die

Fiona, facing mounting issues, contemplates Margo's offer to buy th..

S7E9 - Ouroboros

Monica is back! And her first task is to help Debbie get back Franny..

S7E8 - You Sold Me the La..

Fiona takes a DIY approach to renovating the laundromat. Lip agrees ..

S7E7 - You'll Never Ever ..

Fiona learns that owning a laundromat is costlier than expected. Fra..

S7E6 - The Defenestration..

Fiona sees opportunity in a laundromat for sale and decides to inves..

S7E5 - Own Your Sh*t

Frank learns that a billionaire philanthropist has bought the homele..

S7E4 - I Am A Storm

Frank worries that he and his new family will lose their Home for th..

S7E3 - Home Sweet Homeles..

Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana start a topless maid service. At the sh..

S7E2 - SwipeF**kLeave

Ready to disown his family, Frank takes Liam under wing and starts a..

S6E12 - Familia Supra Gal..

During Fiona's wedding Debbie shows up at the church with Franny, an..

S6E10 - Paradise Lost

Sean officially moves into the Gallagher house; Fiona plans a tradit..

S6E9 - A Yurt of One's Own

Fiona tries to make amends with Sean, who is uncooperative; Debbie a..

S6E8 - Be a Good BoyCome ..

Fiona tries to get Sean's son to like her, but when he starts warmin..

S6E7 - Pimp's Paradise

Carl struggles with Nick's absence, inviting his friends to the Gall..


Ian's relationship with Caleb gets more serious; Lip is called to ap..

S6E5 - Refugees

Frank helps Erica through the cancer concierge process; Debbie works..

S6E4 - Going OnceGoing Tw..

Fiona confronts Patrick about the eviction notice, and must pursue a..

S6E3 - The F Word

Frank teaches Debbie how to work the welfare system; Kevin and Veron..

S6E2 - #AbortionRules

Debbie’s determined to keep her baby while Fiona’s determined to..

S6E1 - I Only Miss Her Wh..

Frank's newfound appreciation freaks the Gallaghers out.

S5E12 - Love Songs (In th..

Season 5 ends with Fiona reuniting with Gus after he returns from hi..

S5E10 - South Side Rules

Frank is enjoying his time with Bianca until she thinks he has devel..

S5E9 - Carl's First Sente..

Frank has a check up with his doctor, who seems to be losing it; Fio..

S5E8 - Uncle Carl

Gus tells Fiona he is going on tour; Carl is asked to run drugs to I..

S5E7 - Tell Me You Fuckin..

Ian gets upset when he learns he is under a mandatory 72-hour hold a..

S5E6 - Crazy Love

Newlywed Fiona struggles to remain faithful when Jimmy returns and r..

S5E5 - Rite of Passage

Fiona and Gus navigate the awkwardness of their quickie wedding, but..

S5E4 - A Night to Remem....

Frank tries to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what h..

S5E3 - The Two Lisas

Frank tries to scare off the two lesbians who are buying up property..

S5E2 - I'm the Liver

Frank tries to talk Sheila out of an offer from two lesbians who wan..

S5E1 - Milk of the Gods

Fiona juggles her job and a crush. Lip heads back home.

S4E12 - Lazarus

Season 4 ends with Sheila fighting for custody of the Native America..

S4E11 - Emily

Fiona is taken to a correctional facility; Frank wakes up from his o..

S4E10 - LiverI Hardly Kno..

Fiona goes wild and violates multiple terms of her probation by part..

S4E9 - The Legend of Bonn..

Carl connects with a girl in detention; Lip and Amanda grow closer; ..

S4E8 - Hope Springs Pater..

To prepare for a visit from her probation officer, Fiona must remove..


Fiona is released; Lip takes over guardianship duties, receiving une..


Fiona ends up in jail; the family waits for news about Liam; Frank w..


Fiona's series of bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. ..


Fiona continues her secret affair with Robbie, but her infidelity is..

S4E3 - Like FatherLike Da..

Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter Sammi and is surprised t..

S4E2 - My Oldest Daughter

Fiona is involved in a road rage incident that damages a company car..

S4E1 - Simple Pleasures

Season 4 begins with a drug-addled and deathly ill Frank reappearing..

S3E12 - Survival of the F..

In the Season 3 finale, Fiona and the family throw a surprise party ..

S3E11 - Order Room Service

Fiona takes the kids camping, while homeless Frank tries to get Carl..

S3E10 - Civil Wrongs

Just when Fiona has settled into her job and found some structure to..

S3E9 - Frank the Plumber

Fiona has a difficult time dealing with the corporate culture in her..

S3E7 - A Long Way From Home

Frank and Fiona go to extreme lengths in court to claim custody of t..

S3E6 - Cascading Failures

The Department of Family Services takes away the Gallagher children,..

S3E5 - The Sins of My Car..

Frank has a major problem on his hands when the city announces it wi..

S3E4 - The Helpful Gallag..

Aired: February 10, 2013

Carl heads to cancer camp, wher..

S3E3 - May I Trim Your He..

Frank is supposed to take baby Hymie for his check-up, but when he l..

S3E2 - The American Dream

Fiona wakes in a panic. She can’t believe she gave Meg a thousand ..

S3E1 - El Gran Canon

In the Season 3 premiere, Fiona adapts to living with Jimmy; Frank a..

S2E12 - Fiona Interrupted

Jimmy gets back into Fiona's good graces and decides to have her mee..

S2E11 - Just Like the Pil..

Fiona's Thanksgiving plans get put on the back burner when Frank tri..

S2E10 - A Great Cause

With Monica around and pitching in, Fiona is able to devote more tim..

S2E9 - Hurricane Monica

Monica blows back into town and immediately hooks up with Frank for ..

S2E8 - Parenthood

While Jody and Sheila comfort a dying Grammy, Frank steps out and st..

S2E7 - A Bottle of Jean N..

Jasmine throws an end-of-summer blowout and invites Fiona down to Da..

S2E6 - Can I Have a Mother

Debbie's day at day care takes a wild turn with the arrival of Gramm..

S2E5 - Father's Day

When Eddie Jackson's body turns up, Frank thinks he should be in lin..

S2E4 - A Beautiful Mess

After sleeping with Craig, Fiona is unprepared for the arrival of hi..

S2E3 - I'll Light a Candl..

Fiona hopes her moral compass isn't leading her astray when she reco..

S2E2 - Summer Loving

Frank spots a potential sugar momma in a bar patron named Dottie, wh..

S2E1 - Summertime

In the second-season premiere, following her breakup with Steve, Fio..

S1E12 - Father FrankFull ..

Steve tries to convince Fiona to skip town; Frank and Karen's secret..

S1E11 - Daddyz Girl

Fiona finds a new friend; Tony begins to unravel the truth about Ste..

S1E10 - Nana Gallagher Ha..

The children question their paternity; Karen accepts Eddie's invitat..

S1E9 - But at Last Came a..

Frank needs his ex-wife's signature on documents; Fiona moves in wit..

S1E8 - It's Time to Kill ..

Sheila worries when Frank gives up drinking; Fiona scrambles to earn..

S1E7 - Loving HusbandDevo..

Loving Husband, Devoted Father

S1E6 - Killer Carl

Fiona scrambles to spruce up the house for an impending visit from C..

S1E5 - Three Boys

When the Gallagher's find out Veronica comes from a wealthy family, ..

S1E4 - Casey Casden

When Aunt Ginger takes her leave, little Debbie is left sad and lone..

S1E3 - At Least I Don't S..

Fiona contemplates romance with a policeman who has had a lifelong c..

S1E2 - Frank the Plank

A manhunt goes out for Frank after he heads off on a Friday bender a..

S1E1 - Pilot

The premiere of a series following the escapades of a hard-partying ..