The Bachelor


A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.
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S22E9 - The Women Tell All

18 of the most unforgettable women this season are back to confront ..

S22E6 -Week 6

Arie and Lauren B. visit historic sites in Paris; Arie surprises a g..

S22E2 - Week 2

Arie's search for love gets off to a fast start with back-to-back on..

S21E13E14 – Finale And ..

Nick recaps the season in an interview with Chris Harrison.

S21E12 - The Final Rose -..

Nick brings the women to meet his family; Nick and Vanessa hike to S..

S21E11 - The Women Tell A..

Nick Viall faces 19 of the most memorable women he sent home as they..

S21E10 - Week 10: Finland..

Nick takes the final three women on dates. One lucky lady goes with ..

S21E9 - Week 9: Finland -..

Nick takes the remaining women to Finland.

S21E8 - Week 8: Hometown ..

The stunning surprises continue on what should be four compelling ho..


The six remaining women are left dumbfounded when Nick Nick walks ou..

S21E6 - Week #6

The nine remaining bachelorettes visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, wher..

S21E5 - Week #5: New Orle..

The 13 remaining bachelorettes visit New Orleans, where Nick selects..

Week #4 - January 232017


Week #3 - Backstreet Boys..

After Nick drops a bomb, sending Liz home, and comes clean to the re..

Week #2 - Wedding Photo S..

One woman feels anxious about a secret from her romantic past with N..

Week #1: Limos Arrive - J..

Technology salesman Nick Viall, 35, begins his search for true love;..

S21E00 - Countdown to Nick

">Viewers will get a more in-depth look at our newest Bachelor, the co..

SPECIAL - The Bachelor at..

SPECIAL - The Bachelor At 20: A Celebration of Love will be jam pack..

S20E12 - After The Final ..

Ben struggles to choose between the final two bachelorettes after in..


Ben and the final three women travel to Jamaica where Ben continues ..

Week 8

Ben and the six remaining ladies visit his hometown of Warsaw, Ind.,..


Ben and the ladies travel to the Bahamas where he takes one bachelor..


Ben and the bachelorettes travel to Mexico City; Amanda and Ben soar..


Ben and the remaining women travel to Las Vegas; JoJo and Ben share ..


Lauren B. and Ben take a bi-plane to a secluded date that includes a..


Ben takes 10 ladies back to school where they battle to become homec..


Season 20 begins with 26-year-old Ben Higgins meeting 28 beautiful b..

S19E13 - After the Final ..

Chris Soules recaps the season in an interview with Chris Harrison. ..

S19E11 - The Women Tell All

Chris is confronted by women he rejected; a preview of the final day..


Chris and the final three ladies travel to the island of Bali in Ind..


Chris visits the hometowns and families of the final four ladies, wh..


Chris takes the remaining six women to Iowa where one lucky lady acc..


Chris discusses memorable women and moments; Kelsey opens up about h..


Nine women join Chris in Deadwood, S.D.; the women call Kelsey out o..


Chris and the women travel to Santa Fe, N.M.; Kelsey's attempt to dr..


Chris' three sisters will pick the lucky bachelorette to go on a spe..


Jimmy Kimmel guest hosts and tries to help guide Chris' search for l..


Chris takes six lucky ladies on the first group date. They attend a ..


Season 19 begins with Iowa farmer and fan favorite Chris Soules meet..

S18E101 -The Bachelor Sea..

Footage of preparations for 2013 “Bachelor” Sean Lowe’s weddin..

S18E12 - After the Final ..

Juan Pablo recaps the season in an interview with Chris Harrison. Al..


In the Season 18 finale, Juan Pablo must choose which of the two rem..

S18E10 - The Women Tell All

Juan Pablo faces 17 of the season's bachelorettes, including Sharlee..


The three remaining bachelorettes join Juan Pablo on a trip to St. L..


Juan Pablo visits the hometowns of the four remaining ladies and mee..


The remaining six contenders visit Miami, Juan Pablo's hometown, whe..


Eight bachelorettes remain. Juan Pablo takes six of the ladies on a ..


Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining women head to Vietnam, where they em..


Juan Pablo and the 13 remaining bachelorettes travel to Seoul, South..


Ten of the remaining 15 women go on a group soccer outing with Juan ..


Thirteen of the remaining 18 women go on a group date involving a ch..


Former "Bachelorette" contestant and single dad Juan Pablo Galavis g..

S17E14 - The Bachelor's F..

This time it's not about the romance! This one-hour special edition ..

S17E12 - 13 - Finale - af..

In the Season 17 finale, Sean must choose between the two remaining ..

S17E11 - The Women Tell All

Sarah and Tierra are among the rejected bachelorettes who confront e..

The Women Tell All

The Women Tell All

S17E9 - Sean Tells All

Chris Harrison chats with Season 17 bachelor Sean Lowe, who shares h..


Sean travels across the country to visit the hometowns of the final ..


Sean and the six remaining bachelorettes visit the Caribbean island ..


Sean and the nine remaining bachelorettes head to the Canadian Rocki..

E5 - Week 5

A two-night Bachelor special event begins with Sean whisking the rem..


Sean plays roller derby with eight of the 13 remaining contenders, b..


Sean takes the ladies to Malibu for a game of beach volleyball, afte..


The 19 survivors of the opening ceremony move into the mansion. Sean..


Sean gets advice from his friend Arie; Sean meets the women and offe..


Ben and the woman he chose review their very public courtship and di..


Season 16 finale: Ben and finalists Courtney and Lindzi are in Zerma..


Ben faces bachelorettes he rejected. Among them is Emily, who has so..


Ben and his three finalists visit Switzerland for picnicking, Alpine..


Ben visits the hometowns of his final four contenders. He's greeted ..


Ben and the six remaining bachelorettes visit Belize. One-on-one dat..


Ben escorts the nine remaining bachelorettes to Panama for a visit t..


Ben visits Puerto Rico with the 11 remaining women. Nine of them "play ball!" at Roberto Clemente Stadium in Carolina (the Hall of Famer's hometown), and one gal has Ben to herself for a tour of Old San Juan, where they happen upon a wedding. Another bachelorette goes yachting with Ben. But when he returns to his hotel, he's surprised by another gal, who taunts the others about it at the rose ceremony. Then Ben and nine women head to Panama.">Ben visits Puerto Rico with the 11 remaining women. Nine of them "pl..


Ben and his 13 would-be soul mates visit Park City, Utah, for kayaki..


Ben returns to his hometown, San Francisco, with the 16 remaining ga..


The 18 survivors of the opening cocktail party venture to Sonoma, Ca..


Millions of viewers were shocked, along with Ben Flajnik (pronounced..

S15E12 - After the Final ..

A recap of the season finale, featuring Bachelor Brad Womack and the..

S15E11 - Finale

Season 15 finale: Brad has one rose left, to give to either Emily Ma..

S15E10 - The Women Tell All

Melissa and Raichel continued to argue, Michelle continually cried a..


On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Brad heads to South Africa f..


This week on The Bachelor, Brad takes the remaining four women to th..


On this week's special Valentine's Day episode of The Bachelor, Brad..


On this week's The Bachelor, Brad and the ladies are headed to Costa..


The Bachelor group is headed to Las Vegas and these women are about ..


The claws come out on The Bachelor, and Michelle mysteriously wakes ..


As the connections continue to develop on The Bachelor and the first..


The ladies of The Bachelor have moved into their mansion and it's ti..


Welcome back to another season of The Bachelor where the lucky guy t..

S14E10 - After the Final ..

A recap of the season finale, featuring Bachelor Jake Pavelka and fi..

S14E9 - On the Wings of L..

On the season finale of The Bachelor, Jake introduces Tenley and Vie..

S14E8 - On the Wings of L..

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, the women (minus Tenley and ..

S14E7 - Week 7

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes Gia, Tenley and V..

S14E6 - Week 6

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake embarks on four very di..

S14E5 - Week 5

Jake and the five remaining bachelorettes are in San Francisco for v..

S14E4 - Week 4

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake and the ladies take a r..

S14E3 - Week 3

On this episode of The Bachelor, two gals get one-on-one dates and n..

S14E2 - Week 2

">On this week of The Bachelor, Jake takes some of the lovely ladies o..

S14E1 - Week 1

Welcome to the episode recaps for the 14th season of The Bachelor: O..