The X-Files


Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in an unassigned detail of the bureau called the X-Files investigating cases dealing with unexplained paranormal phenomena. Mulder, a true believer, and Scully, a skeptic, perceive their cases from stand points of science and the paranormal.
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S11E10 -My Struggle IV

In the season finale, Mulder and Scully rush to find an on-the-run W..

S11E9 - Nothing Lasts For..

While investigating human organ theft, Mulder and Scully uncover a m..

S11E8 - Familiar

Mulder and Scully investigate the brutal animal attack of a little b..

S11E7 -Rm9sbG93ZXJz

In a world of ever-increasing automation and artificial intelligence..

S11E6 - Kitten

Skinner goes AWOL when his past comes back to haunt him. As Mulder a..

S11E5 -Ghouli

When a pair of teenage girls attack one another, each believing the ..

S11E4 -The Lost Art of Fo..

The idea of The Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people reme..

S11E3 - Plus One

A spate of deaths, in which the victims were plagued by their own do..

S11E2 -This

An old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly imposs..

S11E1 -My Struggle III

Picking up after the last event series' cliffhanger, Mulder and Scul..

S10ESpecial – “The X ..

The truth is out there… and we’ve got the inside story on the th..


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S9E19 & 20 - The Truth (1..

After not knowing Fox Mulder's whereabouts for the last year, A.D. S..

S9E18 - Sunshine Days

Doggett and Reyes investigate a murder outside the house that the or..

S9E17 - Release

When an FBI cadet with amazing profiling skills approaches Doggett, ..

S9E15 - Jump the Shark

When Morris Fletcher approaches agents Doggett and Reyes with inform..

S9E14 - Scary Monsters

Monsters hiding under a little boy's bed may be more than just the p..

S9E13 - Improbable

When Reyes uses numerology to connect the murders of several women t..

S9E12 - Underneath

Scully, Doggett and Reyes investigate an old case that Doggett worke..

S9E11 - Audrey Pauley

Doggett and Scully look for answers that will save Reyes' life after..

S9E10 - Providence (2)

Scully is anxious to recover William from his kidnappers and takes m..

S9E9 - Provenance (1)

When pieces of the spaceship beached in Africa resurface, the conspi..

S9E8 - Hellbound

Agent Reyes takes the lead while investigating an X-file case, surro..

S9E7 - John Doe

Scully and Reyes join forces to try and find Doggett when he goes mi..

S9E6 - Trust No 1

Scully is approached by a couple who claim their baby has the same a..

S9E5 - Lord of the Flies

When a stunt on a local cable reality show goes horribly wrong resul..

S9E4 - 4-D

During a stakeout of murderer Irwin Lukesh, Doggett sees Reyes attac..

S9E3 - Daemonicus

Doggett and Reyes investigate the murder of a couple in West Virgini..

S9E2 - Nothing Important ..

Doggett catches up with Shannon McMahon, the woman who the EPA offic..

S9E1 - Nothing Important ..

Agent Doggett investigates the death of an EPA official after his ca..

S8E21 - Existence (2)

With otherworldly factions in pursuit, Mulder and the agents race to..

S8E20 - Essence (1)

Mulder and Doggett join forces to investigate the arson attack on a ..

S8E19 - Alone

While Scully takes maternity leave, Doggett is partnered with a youn..

S8E18 - Vienen

Despite orders to stay away from the X-Files, Mulder finds himself s..

S8E17 - Empedocles

Agent Reyes enlists Mulder's help investigating a killer's connectio..

S8E16 - Three Words

Mulder's request for reassignment to the X-Files is denied by Kersh,..

S8E15 - DeadAlive (2)

Shortly after Mulder is buried, Billy Miles is found very dead but s..

S8E14 - This Is Not Happe..

When Teresa Hoese, the woman Scully & Mulder met the previous spring..

S8E13 - Per Manum

When Scully and Doggett are contacted by a man who claims his wife w..

S8E12 - Medusa

Scully and Doggett race to investigate a string of bizarre deaths in..

S8E11 - The Gift

Doggett comes upon an old case that Mulder kept secret from Scully, ..

S8E10 - Badlaa

An Indian mystic whose son died in a chemical plant accident smuggle..

S8E9 - Salvage

Doggett and Scully encounter a dead man who is still living - only s..

S8E8 - Surekill

When a real estate agent is shot inside a prison cell by someone who..

S8E7 - Via Negativa

Working without Scully's input, Doggett and Skinner try to avert the..

S8E6 - Redrum

A prominent lawyer wakes to find himself in jail and about to be pro..

S8E5 - Invocation

Having been kidnapped for ten years, a little boy mysteriously reapp..

S8E4 - Roadrunners

Scully evades Doggett's help in investigating a vicious murder in a ..

S8E3 - Patience

While tackling his first X-File case about a series of gruesome murd..

S8E2 - Without (2)

As the search for Mulder intensifies in the Arizona desert, Gibson P..

S8E1 - Within (1)

Newly appointed Deputy Director Kersh organizes a manhunt for Mulder..

S7E22 - Requiem

Mulder and Scully return to the town of their first X-Files investig..

S7E21 - Je Souhaite

Mulder and Scully discover a jinniah (genie) in a rug who, after 500..

S7E20 - Fight Club

The Agents cross paths with a pair of doppelgangers whose close prox..

S7E19 - Hollywood A.D.

Mulder and Scully watch a movie with themselves as characters and ar..

S7E18 - Brand X

When an employee of Morley Tobacco Co. is apparently killed by tobac..

S7E17 - All Things

A series of coincidences puts Scully in contact with someone from he..

S7E16 - Chimera

As Mulder investigates a missing person case with a key feature bein..

S7E15 - En Ami

After the miraculous recovery of a young boy who had cancer, Mulder ..

S7E14 - Theef

Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate a series of murders w..

S7E13 - First Person Shoo..

The Lone Gunmen call Mulder and Scully to a Virtual Reality developm..

S7E12 - X-COPS

A Los Angeles police officer who is being filmed for the show COPS i..

S7E11 - Closure (2)

After arresting the murderer of Amber-Lynn LaPierre and discovering ..

S7E10 - Sein und Zeit (1)

A young girl unexplainably disappears from her home and Mulder reque..

S7E9 - Signs and Wonders

Mulder and Scully investigate a gruesome and unexplained snake-bite ..

S7E8 - The Amazing Maleeni

When a small-time magician performs a trick where it appears that he..

S7E7 - Orison

A series of prison breaks bring Agents Mulder and Scully face to fac..

S7E6 - The Goldberg Varia..

Mulder and Scully are caught in a real-life Rube Goldberg device as ..

S7E5 - Rush

A teenage killer eludes Mulder and Scully by moving too fast for the..

S7E4 - Millennium

As the year 2000 draws closer, the agents are up against a man from ..

S7E3 - Hungry

A fast-food restaurant is linked to the discovery of a submerged car..

S7E2 - The Sixth Extincti..

Scully frantically searches for a way to help her ailing partner wit..

S7E1 - The Sixth Extincti..

While Scully travels to Africa to piece together the meaning of the ..

S6E22 - Biogenesis (1)

Two scientists confer about each of their metal objects that were fo..

S6E21 - Field Trip

When the bodies of a couple who have been missing for less than a we..

S6E20 - Three of a Kind

While on a stakeout of a Government Defence Convention in Las Vegas,..

S6E19 - The Unnatural

Mulder meets with Agent Arthur Dales' brother (also named Arthur!) a..

S6E18 - Milagro

A writer living next to Mulder becomes obsessed with Scully and conf..

S6E17 - Trevor

After a tornado rips through a prison camp, one of the inmates disap..

S6E16 - Alpha

A mysterious dog thought to be the last of a rare Asian breed is res..

S6E15 - Arcadia

On their first official case back on the X-Files, Mulder and Scully ..

S6E14 - Monday

A woman is forced to relive the same day over and over as she tries ..

S6E13 - Agua Mala

Arthur Dales summons Mulder and Scully to his holiday home in Florid..

S6E12 - One Son (2)

CSM reveals all the government secrets from the past 50 years in ord..

S6E11 - Two Fathers (1)

While Cigarette Smoking Man recites to an unseen listener everything..

S6E10 - Tithonus

Assistant Director Kersh tries to tear Scully and Mulder apart when ..

S6E9 - S.R. 819

Mulder and Scully have 24 hours to save Assistant Director Skinner f..

S6E8 - The Rain King

Strange weather phenomena in a small town leads Mulder to believe th..

S6E7 - Terms of Endearment

After a scan of a couple's unborn child is found to have strange gro..

S6E6 - How The Ghosts Sto..

Mulder talks Scully into investigating a haunted house on Christmas ..

S6E5 - Dreamland II (2)

Mulder is thrown in jail at the Area 51 compound but is released whe..

S6E4 - Dreamland (1)

While being detained near the famed "Dreamland" Area 51, a strange c..

S6E3 - Triangle

Mulder goes to the Bermuda when he learns that the Queen Anne, a Br..

S6E2 - Drive

Mulder is trapped in a car with a man who has developed a serious ea..

S6E1 - The Beginning

Mulder is less than thrilled when an Office of Professional Conduct ..

S5E20 - The End

Cigarette Smoking Man returns as Mulder investigates the attempted a..

S5E19 - Folie a Deux

Mulder is held hostage inside an office where a man claims his boss ..

S5E18 - The Pine Bluff Va..

Scully fears that Mulder has gone to the other side when she sees hi..

S5E17 - All Souls

Scully and her Catholic faith must confront the loss of her daughter..

S5E16 - Mind's Eye

Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a murder that seems to have bee..

S5E15 - Travelers

In 1990 Agent Fox Mulder visits an aging FBI Agent Arthur Dales and ..

S5E14 - The Red and the B..

After the gathering at the abduction site where everyone is killed b..

S5E13 - Patient X (1)

Mulder and Scully meet Cassandra Spender, a woman who claims to be a..

S5E12 - Bad Blood

After Mulder chases down and kills a young man whom he believes to b..

S5E11 - Kill Switch

A super-intelligent virus program is let loose on the Internet and b..

S5E10 - Chinga

Master of Horror Stephen King's first effort at an X-File sees Scull..

S5E9 - Schizogeny

A therapist working with children from abusive families is found to ..

S5E8 - Kitsunegari

Pusher returns as Robert Patrick Modell escapes from the mental hosp..

S5E7 - Emily (2)

DNA testing on Emily reveals that she is actually Scully's daughter ..

S5E6 - Christmas Carol (1)

On her Christmas vacation with her brother's family, Scully receives..

S5E5 - The Post-Modern Pr..

Filmed in glorious black and white with a comic book feel to it, thi..

S5E4 - Detour

Stopped by a roadblock on their way to an FBI convention in Florida,..

S5E3 - Unusual Suspects

Set in 1989, the story of the founding of The Lone Gunmen is finally..

S5E2 - Redux II (3)

Cigarette Smoking Man helps Mulder to obtain Scully's cure and also ..

S5E1 - Redux (2)

Scully helps Mulder fake his own death in order for him to go undete..

S4E24 - Gethsemane (1)

While investigating the discovery of a preserved alien body found in..

S4E23 - Demons

Mulder undergoes an experimental form of hypnotherapy to recover his..

S4E22 - Elegy

After a man sees a woman trapped inside a bowling alley pin setter, ..

S4E21 - Zero Sum

Skinner destroys evidence to cover up a woman's death and poses as A..

S4E20 - Small Potatoes

Five babies in the same town are all born with tails and the local O..

S4E19 - Synchrony

A case involving a strange old man warning two scientists of events ..

S4E18 - Max (2)

Mulder is arrested for investigating the plane crash and interfering..

S4E17 - Tempus Fugit (1)

While celebrating Scully's 33rd birthday, a strange woman informs Mu..

S4E16 - Unrequited

When a US military general is unexplainably murdered in the back of ..

S4E15 - Kaddish

Issac Luria, a Jewish man, is killed by a group of teenagers working..

S4E14 - Memento Mori

Scully's recent failing health is revealed to be inoperable brain ca..

S4E13 - Never Again

While Mulder is forced to take a vacation he leaves Scully with an a..

S4E12 - Leonard Betts

After the body of a decapitated EMT disappears from the morgue and a..

S4E11 - El Mundo Gira

When a deadly yellow rain falls in a migrant workers camp and kills ..

S4E10 - Paper Hearts

Mulder's dreams help him in finding the body of a little girl which ..

S4E9 - Terma (2)

While imprisoned in Russia and infected with the Black Cancer, Mulde..

S4E8 - Tunguska (1)

A rock sample taken from Mars is intercepted at an airport and infec..

S4E7 - Musings of a Cigar..

Frohike pieces together and recites to Mulder and Scully what could ..

S4E6 - Sanguinarium

When a series of bizarre murders take place in a hospital's plastic ..

S4E5 - The Field Where I ..

After an FBI raid on a doomsday cult called the "Temple of the Seven..

S4E4 - Unruhe

Several kidnappings of young women linked by distorted photographs l..

S4E3 - Teliko

After several African-American men are killed and the color is drain..

S4E2 - Home

A baby is found buried alive in shallow ground and appears to have b..

S4E1 - Herrenvolk (2)

Jeremiah Smith and Mulder are on the run from the alien bounty hunte..

S3E24 - Talitha Cumi (1)

Mulder and Scully search for a mysterious man with the power to heal..

S3E23 - Wetwired

After a man kills three people and his wife because he mistook them ..

S3E22 - Quagmire

When a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances are reported n..

S3E21 - Avatar

During a one-night stand in the midst of his divorce, AD Skinner bec..

S3E20 - Jose Chung's From..

An alien abduction of two teenagers with different versions of the s..

S3E19 - Hell Money

The deaths of several Chinese men found to be missing vital internal..

S3E18 - Teso Dos Bichos

When a series of deaths occur immediately after an ancient artefact ..

S3E17 - Pusher

Mulder and Scully are asked to help in a case involving Robert Patri..

S3E16 - Apocrypha (2)

Mulder pursues Krycek, not knowing about the alien that has taken ov..

S3E15 - Piper Maru (1)

A French salvage ship searching for a lost WWII fighter plane unknow..

S3E14 - Grotesque

A serial killer is captured after a three year manhunt and he claims..

S3E13 - Syzygy

A rare planetary alignment causes strange behaviour in the residents..

S3E12 - War of the Coprop..

Widespread panic is caused in a small community after numerous death..

S3E11 - Revelations

Mulder and Scully swap roles as they pursue a man killing priests wh..

S3E10 - 731 (2)

Mulder is trapped inside a train car which contains a suspected alie..

S3E9 - Nisei (1)

An investigation into a video of an alien autopsy puts Mulder and Sc..

S3E8 - Oubliette

Mulder seeks the help of a woman whom he believes has a special conn..

S3E7 - The Walk

After a suicide attempt and multiple murders at a military hospital,..

S3E6 - 2Shy

A serial killer with unusual tastes is doing his stalking on the int..

S3E5 - The List

No-one takes much notice when a death row inmate vows on the electri..

S3E4 - Clyde Bruckman's F..

In the midst of a psychic sideshow while on a murder case, Mulder an..

S3E3 - D.P.O.

When a small town chalks up five lightning-related deaths, Mulder su..

S3E2 - Paper Clip (3)

Assistant Director Skinner and Scully are at a standoff when Mulder ..

S3E1 - The Blessing Way (2)

Scully finds her career with the FBI in jeopardy as Mulder is still ..

S2E25 - Anasazi (1)

Mulder obtains what could be the original and uncut MJ documents con..

S2E24 - Our Town

After several disappearances in a small town, Mulder and Scully inve..

S2E23 - Soft Light

When people start disappearing, and the case is shoved in her genera..

S2E22 - F. Emasculata

When a plaguelike illness kills 10 men inside a maximum security pri..

S2E21 - The Calusari

A balloon traveling into the face of the wind isn't much of a clue t..

S2E20 - Humbug

Mulder and Scully travel to Gibsonton, Florida, a town built and pop..

S2E19 - Dod Kalm

When half the crew of a Navy ship abandon their boat in a life raft ..

S2E18 - Fearful Symmetry

Invisible animals are rampaging through town, destroying property an..

S2E17 - End Game (2)

The alien bounty hunter kidnaps Scully and wants to trade her for Mu..

S2E16 - Colony (1)

After the obituaries of three identical men are e-mailed to Mulder, ..

S2E15 - Fresh Bones

While investigating several deaths and murders within a Haitian refu..

S2E14 - Die Hand Die Verl..

The ritualistic murder of a teenager in a small town gets Mulder and..

S2E13 - Irresistible

A mortuary worker who gets his thrills from collecting hair and fing..

S2E12 - Aubrey

When a detective mysteriously uncovers the remains of an FBI agent w..

S2E11 - Excelsis Dei

Mulder and Scully investigate when the rape and battery of a nurse t..

S2E10 - Red Museum

While investigating the connection between the abduction of several ..

S2E9 - Firewalker

Mulder and Scully, reunited at last, head for an active volcano unde..

S2E8 - One Breath

Scully mysteriously appears in a Washington hospital, alive but in a..

S2E7 - 3

Truly alone for the first time since Scully found her way to the bas..

S2E6 - Ascension (2)

When Mulder finds out that Scully was kidnapped by Duane Barry, he r..

S2E5 - Duane Barry (1)

Mulder is called to a hostage situation involving Duane Barry, a for..

S2E4 - Sleepless

Mulder reluctantly accepts a new partner, Agent Alex Krycek, and req..

S2E3 - Blood

When several violent deaths in a small farming community are connect..

S2E2 - The Host

AD Skinner sends Mulder to investigate a body which washed into the ..

S2E1 - Little Green Men

With the X-Files closed, Scully has been assigned as an instructor a..

S1E24 - The Erlenmeyer Fl..

When Deep Throat points out a news story about a fugitive who appare..

S1E23 - Roland

When a series of murders occur among a group of scientists working o..

S1E22 - Born Again

After a detective and his former partner die in unexplained circumst..

S1E21 - Tooms

Eugene , the genetic mutant, is released from the sanitarium and Mul..

S1E20 - Darkness Falls

When a group of loggers in the Washington State National Forest disa..

S1E19 - Shapes

Mulder and Scully travel to an American Indian reservation to invest..

S1E18 - Miracle Man

A rash of deaths under the Miracle Ministry's traveling tent brings ..

S1E17 - E.B.E.

A dramatic increase in UFO sightings and a bizarre attack on a trans..

S1E16 - Young at Heart

Mulder becomes the target of someone from his past, John Barnett, a ..

S1E15 - Lazarus

When FBI Agent Jack Willis is shot during a bank robbery, Agent Scul..

S1E14 - Genderbender

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders where the suspect ..

S1E13 - Beyond the Sea

Scully has a brush with the paranormal when her recently deceased fa..

S1E12 - Fire

An old Oxford girlfriend of Mulder's asks for his help in an interna..

S1E11 - Eve

When two fathers on opposite sides of the country are unexplainably ..

S1E10 - Fallen Angel

When a tract of lonely woodland is cordoned off between laser fences..

S1E9 - Space

Mulder and Scully are contacted by a communications specialist from ..

S1E8 - Ice

When an Arctic research team mysteriously kills each other and thems..

S1E7 - Ghost in the Machine

A new intelligence gropes its way to life in the depths of wires and..

S1E6 - Shadows

When an unseen force commits several murders where a young woman is ..

S1E5 - The Jersey Devil

Mulder's trip to Atlantic City doesn't take him to the glittering ca..

S1E4 - Conduit

As Section Chief Blevins expresses his concern with the direction of..

S1E3 - Squeeze

One of Scully's friends from the FBI academy, now working in the Vio..

S1E2 - Deep Throat

Mulder and Scully head to Ellens Air Force Base to investigate the m..

S1E1 - Pilot

Special Agent Dana Scully is partnered with Special Agent Fox Mulder..